Menaji Anti Aging Eraser Moist Skin

Menaji Anti aging Eraser


Go back in time, with this amazing anti aging formula

Rejuvenate wrinkles and damaged skin!
Regenerate surface cells and erase fine lines by delivering collagen back to the source. This Mënaji anti-aging skincare formula leverages the molecular structure of peptides to enhance the elasticity, strength and texture of your skin.
• Wrinkles smooth out as collagen is reintroduced to tired skin cells
• Reduce redness and age spots
• Revitalizes sun and weather damaged skin

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Product Description

How to use Menaji’s Anti aging Eraser

Apply Menaji anti aging eraser nighttime treatment before you start counting sheep.

• Pour out desired amount onto fingertips
• Apply to areas that appear to be aging, or all over face (being careful of eye area). Don’t forget the neck and back of your hands
• Gently massage into skin using circular motions


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