4VOO Starterkit

4VOO Starter Set


4VOO Starter Set

A gift of beauty and function, the 4VOO starter set is as stunning as it is effective. designed for men who appreciate luxury and demand performance, 4VOO has assembled four of our classic premium skin care products into one collection of timeless beauty!

Product Description

4VOO Starter Set

Starter Set Contents

  • facial balancing cleanser 15 ml
  • repairing after shave 15 ml
  • maximum renewal moisturizer 15 ml
  • rejuvenating under eye gel 5 ml

Soothes, repairs and revitalizes, while providing optimum protection against aging. in a travel kit or on the shelf, the 4VOO starter set is as stunning as it is effective.
The luxury you deserve!

Facial balancing cleanser

4VOO facial balancing cleanser is formulated to actively remove environmental contaminants, impurities, and skin’s surface oils that irritate and inflame a man’s skin

enhanced with calming natural plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamin B5, 4VOO facial balancing cleanser:

  • softens, soothes and protects the skin
  • cleans, tones, and restores balance to skin
  • refreshes, leaving skin soft, supple, and never dry

Repairing after shave

4VOO repairing after shave balm is an innovative and luxurious men’s grooming product

  • reduces in-grown hairs
  • slows down hair growth
  • minimizes unpleasant sensation after shaving
  • rebuilds skin, reducing wrinkles
  • moisturizes and conditions skin


Maximum renewal moisturizer

4VOO  maximum renewal moisturizer is a luxurious, highly effective product specifically formulated to:

  • reduce visible signs of aging
  • rejuvenate skin by assisting the natural renewal process
  • protect against harmful environmental influences

this product’s exclusive formula contains a revolutionary multi-peptide blend, and many botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and substances derived from natural sources.

Rejuvenating under eye gel

Increase your confidence with eyes that exude vitality and intensity

4VOO  rejuvenating under eye gel is a soothingly refreshing and luxurious product that:

  • increases firmness and elasticity
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduces puffiness
  • prevents dark circles

4VOO  rejuvenating under eye gel assists in the rejuvenation process of the delicate tissues around the eyes as it hydrates, firms, and tones for  immediate visible improvement



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